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Create the perfect Date Night at the Lake

We know fun and creative dates can be hard to plan to make your special someone feel valued and cared for, but here's an idea for you. For all of you boat owners out there on Lake LBJ, follow these four easy steps for a special night and create a core memory with your love.

Step 1: Make sure the boat is clean

No one wants to sit in a dirty boat all night (or ever, really). To elevate the experience, and transform the feeling from a normal day on the lake to date night, make sure the boat feels clean, especially on the interior. We recommend using Babe's seat soap and some microfiber towels to clean up all of the upholstery, and some glass cleaner on the windshield. This will help show your significant other how much thought and care you put into the evening.

Step 2: Pick up food and drinks from Boat Town Burger Bar or Patio 2900

No need to fuss over what to cook! Head up toward the 2900 bridge on the Llano River and park the boat in one of our courtesy dock slips. It makes it so easy for you to grab whatever food and drink you desire – whether you stop for a bit and watch the sunset over the lake from land, or take it with you to-go. Easy cleanup, and you can choose from a variety of menu options or share family style.

Step 3: Cruise to the LBJ lighthouse with your favorite music playing and enjoy your company

Music can completely set a mood, so make sure to get a playlist going with all the good vibes. Many boats today have easy connection options with bluetooth, so have a friend send you their favorite playlists and off you go.

Step 4: Enjoy the sunset and then look at the stars with a nightcap and dessert

Plan to get to the lighthouse just before sunset and throw your anchor. This area of Lake LBJ is one of the most iconic and picturesque, and that Texas sky is never shy for showing off a gorgeous subset. Throwing the anchor out will allow you to truly relax, knowing you won't drift off any direction, and you can focus on each other and the beautiful surroundings. You can even extend your evening into the night and watch the stars while sharing a nightcap and/or desert – just make sure you have everything you need to safely boat home in the dark.

Bonus: Look out for live music at the lake via social media from local artists to add another level to the night!

The lake is a peaceful way to reset the mind and be present with the person you care most about. There is no need to stress over all the little things, just make the night easy and fun for the two of you!

Have additional ideas? Or thoughts on how to make the perfect lake-date-night on another local lake? Leave a comment for us and we'll feature the best ones!

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