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Pet Safety on the Lake

The lake is the perfect place to spend the day with the whole family, including our furry friends. (Fun fact: Barletta pontoons make that easier than ever, as they are officially the most pet friendly pontoons on the market!) Whether you are on one of those Barletta boats, a different pontoon, a surf boat or the family cruiser – here are some tips to make the day as smooth and fun as possible!

Life Jacket Check!

When you’re doing your lifejacket count, make sure to add one for fido! Just like you (hopefully) wouldn’t send the kiddos into the lake without a lifejacket, you shouldn’t send your pet in without one either. Even the most experienced swimmers can quickly find themselves in trouble, or worse – they swim too far, too fast, and then get lost without one. A fast trip to the Boat Town Boutique, and your furry friend can be outfitted in a lifejacket and ready to hit the water.

Stay Hydrated

Throw some extra water bottles in when packing your cooler. Dehydration during a long day on the water can take a toll on everyone, including your fur-baby. Your dog might try to beat the heat by drinking lake water, which can make them sick, so pack plenty of clean drinking water. Collapsible bowls will make it easy for those 4 legged friends to stay hydrated, and they won’t take up a ton of space (or, best idea– get yourself a dog friendly boat!) All Barletta boats come equipped with doggie bowls built in, so that’s one less thing you have to worry about! After drinking all that water to stay hydrated, don’t forget to give an opportunity for potty breaks.

Boat Features that make life easier

There’s a lot to consider before having your 4 legged friend join you on the lake, but there’s also a lot of dog friendly boat features that can make your day that much easier. For example: all Barletta boats feature integrated food and water dishes at the base of the helm, which can easily be stowed away when not being used. The doggie dock views also allow your smaller furry family members to see what’s going on outside of the boat with their one-way “see-through” screens on the bow and port side entry gates. Plus, the new pet-friendly ladder features steps that deploy at an angle, and are 47 inches in length with wide steps, making it easy for pups to get back in the boat from deeper water. Don't forget to rinse your pup off when you get back home so their skin doesn’t get irritated!

To help you prepare, here are some recommended items we think help make boat days easier when you have the doggo in tow.

What to bring to make sure your pup has a great day
  • Doggie life jacket

  • Clean water and a bowl

  • Puppy booties (if your dock gets hot or you are playing at the sandbar)

  • Tennis ball(s)

  • Leash

  • Collar (Make sure to not have their flea collars on as the water can wash off some of the active ingredients)

  • Treats

  • Towels

  • Doggie ear cleaner for after your pup gets out of the water. This can help avoid ear infections. Also make sure to dry their ears as much as you can.

  • Puppy sunscreen (this is more relevant in some breeds than others)

  • Dog first aid kit (we hope you never need it, but it is good to be prepared. Especially if there is sharp fishing gear around.)

Don’t let all of this stop you from bringing your pup, you now have all the tools to ensure everyone has a fun and safe day on the water! These are the days that create core memories – Happy boating!

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