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Try Before You Buy – Fall Boat Show

Why close the door on lake days when you can have an endless summer? Texas tends to bless us with warm weather almost all year, which bodes well for endless days on the lake. As a parent, you likely only get 18 summers with your kiddos at home before they are grown and out of the house. It is so important to make the most of that precious time you have as a whole family and get out on the water together. You know what they say: a family that lakes together, stays together... Or maybe it's because the kids suddenly enjoy coming home "to see you" (aka borrow the boat)?

Here at Boat Town, we are giving you the perfect chance to make more of those carefree, joyful summer memories. At our Lake LBJ store location on September 23rd, we are hosting the ultimate Fall Boat Show event: Try Before You Buy. There will be incentives and deals you definitely don’t want to miss; this event is simply an extension of our Better Than a Boat Show mindset that we carry with us every year. It is more than a day of boat shopping– it's a family experience. We are here to provide the easiest and most enjoyable way to find your crew's ideal boat that will provide entertainment and memories for years to come. Even when the kids are grown and think they are ‘adults’, your home and boat will still be the place they want to come back to with their friends.

Whether you are looking at purchasing your first boat, upgrading your current one, or just want to chat with someone and get more information, we are here to help you find the perfect boat for your family. At Boat Town, we only carry the best of the best that will be a staple in your memories for many years. The moments you spend on the boat will be the stories you tell to future generations. You won’t regret getting to know our team – we’re not here to sell you a boat. We’re here to help you through the buying process and beyond.

Let us help you make those priceless memories – cheers to an endless summer.

Visit for more details and to make your demo appointment.


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